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Anxiety Reduction

The mind/body connection; creating awareness of how thought patterns contribute to debilitating anxiety; understanding the role of the body in the fight/flight/freeze response

Conflict Resolution

How to come to mutual agreement and understanding through skill development and self-awareness

Depression Management

Exploring holistic coping strategies; exploring awareness of the connection between the body and the mind

Life Transitions

Change is the only constant in life; how to approach your situation with wisdom and strength

Loss/Grief Counselling

A comforting guide through the journey of grief

Work Stress Alleviation

Someone in your corner to deal with workplace stress; assertiveness training; role plays; problem solving

Youth Challenges

Help for kids facing obstacles to healthy growth and wellness

Bullying Response

Learn options for dealing with aggressive people.

Trauma Recovery

Assistance for those who are scarred by traumatic events.

Enhanced Communication

Better communication leads to better understanding.

Parenting Advice

Strategies for creating happier and calmer households.

Anger Management

Proven methods for reining in your anger.


Healing after a breakup.

Relationship Counselling

Learn how to have a really different kind of conversation with those that matter to you the most

Family Counselling

Help with defining what kind of family you want to raise; working through issues together

You don't have to make the journey alone.

I can be by your side as you tackle difficult challenges.

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Creating Hope for Your Future



Stop feeding your mind thoughts about the past. Forgive those who have done you wrong and forgive yourself too. Start seeding thoughts and actions which will lead to a happier tomorrow.

~ Karen Salmansohn

Don't let the darkness of your past block the light of joy in your present. WHAT HAPPENED IS DONE! Stop giving time to things that no longer exist when there is so much joy in the here and now.

~ Karen Salmansohn

If you want to be sad, live in the past. If you want to be anxious, live in the future. If you want to be peaceful, live in the now.

~ Karen Salmansohn

What are the most powerful words in the universe? The ones you use to talk to yourself!

~ Karen Salmansohn

Hating someone makes them important. Forgiving someone makes them obsolete.

~ Karen Salmansohn

Choose to live each day directed by love and purpose not fear and wounds.

~ Karen Salmansohn

Offer to the world what you want to attract. If you want love, offer love to everyone you meet. Become what it is you feel is missing in your life.

~ Samantha Dyer

You're more than the mistakes you've made. You are the wisdom, strength, compassion and growth you've gained from all you've been through.

~ Karen Salmansohn

Being positive in a challenging situation is a sign of wisdom and character.

~ Lynda Field

Consciously choosing your thoughts allows you to be in control of your mind and emotional state-instead of the other way round!

~ Julie Marah

Don't believe everything you think!

~ Byron Katie

Every thought we think is creating our future.

~ Louise Hay

We wouldn't pay to watch the same painful movie two hundred and fifty times, but somehow, we allow our mind to replay the same bad memory over and over, each time experiencing the same distress and shame.

~ Jan Chozen Bays

Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. At some point, you just have to let go in order to move forward.

~ C.S. Lewis

The worst bullies you will ever encounter in your life are your own thoughts.

~ Bryant McGill

Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop.

~ Wanda E. Brunstetter

The way we treat people we strongly disagree with is a report card on what we've learned about compassion and kindness.

~ marcandangel.com

Needless drama doesn't just walk into your life out of nowhere-you either create it, invite it or associate with those who bring it.

~ marcandangel.com

Sometimes you have to tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up!

~ Toby Mac

People are desperate for a solution as long as they don't have to do anything, change anything, or spend anything.

Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure everything out at once. Breathe. You're strong. You got this. Take it day by day.

~ Karen Salmansohn

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort. It's choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy. It's choosing to practice your values rather than simply professing them.

~ Brene Brown

You cannot force someone to comprehend a message that they are not ready to receive. Still, you must never underestimate the power of planting a seed.

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